Watkins Receives Plant Upgrade

Watkins Concrete Block Company is nearing completion of the construction of their block plant expansion and equipment upgrades. The plant construction began in November 2014 and is set to be completed in April.  The upgrade included a building expansion, new curing chambers and a new pallet transport system. Equipment that was nearly 35 years old has now been replaced and the size of the block plant that houses the curing chambers and the maintenance shop were expanded. A 16 chamber block kiln was also installed and a pallet transporter system that includes a new elevator, lowerator and transfer car.

The new curing chamber is phase two of a major plant upgrade that began in late 2013 and consisted of new splitting, cubing and packaging equipment.  The expansion and equipment upgrade should increase productivity, efficiency and capacity while also improving product quality. The upgrade provides greater versatility for producing specialty products for both the hardscape and masonry markets.  The plant upgrade progressed quickly which limited the plant’s down time. The dedicated team of employees responsible for production have demonstrated their commitment to the company by working long hours and many weekends for the last 5 months. Their hard work and determination have been key factors contributing to the successful completion of the upgrade.